New jobs, new opportunities

The Wembley Park regeneration project has already brought approximately 1,000 jobs to the local area and is bringing  even more employment and apprenticeship opportunities for local people. It’s estimated that a total of 8,640 jobs will be created during the duration of the build.

The 85 acre development is still under construction, and in order to achieve completion, we are recruiting for a variety of roles in the building phase of the development. As well as on-site roles, the scope of the project demands the need for people to fill a wide range of positions in the supporting services. Construction involves more than just what you see on a building site. There is a huge range of career choices in the industry including skilled manual labour, project management, IT, marketing, design and much more.

Construction needs people with creative, technical, management and practical skills. So whether you like figuring out how things work, making things with your hands, working in a team, taking charge of projects or you really like designing things, there’s definitely a career for you. From apprenticeships to direct hiring, whatever qualification you have, you will find a role in the construction of Wembley Park.

Industry insight


Explore a unique chance to see behind the scenes at major live construction sites across Wembley Park. Discover how the buildings and structures in your community are constructed and find out about the diverse range of skills and professions needed on site.

Open from Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd March 2019, be inspired by the growing construction industry, and learn how to start your career in construction. The Open Doors event, delivered by Build UK in partnership with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), opens the doors of our live construction sites and offices for the public to go ‘behind the scenes’ and allows us to showcase the huge variety of careers available in the construction industry.

Search for the Wembley Park sights on the Open Doors map listings and book your place:

Open Doors event 2019